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Love that Covered Miles


When a member of your family serves in our military far from home, keeping up with daily life is difficult at best. 


An elderly couple in our community recently faced this challenge, and when they arrived at Dusenberry-River Library’s service desk, they were clearly frustrated and upset. They had an urgent request: Their musician son was scheduled to play a trombone solo with the U.S. Army Band in a concert in Washington, D.C. Mom and dad dearly wanted to see their son and hear him play.


Fortunately, the concert would be streamed live. 


Unfortunately, they did not own a computer, nor did they have any idea how to use one. Could the Library help them?

Well, of course!

The pair were visibly relieved when Susannah, Adult Services Librarian, set them up on side-by-side computers, plugged in their ear buds and helped them open the website. They were so excited!  They would see their son’s solo, as if they were sitting in the front row!  But how could it be that easy?

It wasn’t. 


The transmission began with video, but no audio.  Silence. 


Library staff quickly rallied around, trouble-shooting solutions.  They were able to solve the audio glitch in the nick of time!  The proud mom and dad could hear their beloved son’s trombone solo loud and clear – and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.


How did mom and dad feel about their Library staff and the help that they received? Our trombonist’s proud papa gave Susannah a big bear hug that said it all.


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